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Stupid Facts
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Rules of Combat
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Rules of Combat
Fears 'n' Phobias

Super Ticklers

Open the window and the climate come in.

Both of you three come here.

The monsoon is raining so the clouds will not rain.

Chilly hot winds.

My uncle got lost when met with an accident.

I heard the earthquake myself.

Why are they white-washing the track today?

Jerry has put 100 watt bulbs in his home and his home is lightning at night.

My house in Bareilly has 39 doors, 10 rooms, 5 toilets, and 3 kitchens. Pata hi nahin chala kaise banta chala gaya.

You are the children of ill-treated parents.

I have two daughters and both are girls.

He is smelling that he will fail in the exam.

The boy passed away near me.

Dead bodies were lying on the rail track like chicken pieces.

Meet me behind the lecture under the wooden tree.

What is your uncle's expiry date?

Your bottom has come off.

His voice is like a buffalo.

Reetinder Sodhi should FIX a place in the team.

VP has kid mind.

I went to the bus stand of aeroplanes.

If I go to Mumbai I will get disconnected from my family.

Do you have any broken money, I want to CLIMB it in the gurudwara.

The pen is so expensive that it is costless.

It is so hot that the leaves are expiring in the trees.

Mr. AG went to the men's wedding.

You are always on top of my head. Folks, the list goes on and on...........I tried to squeeze it all but the list is already too long.

SOURCE - A lecturer at my school.

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 Comic Strip. Copyright 2000 by John Cook.

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