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Stupid Facts
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Rules of Combat
Fears 'n' Phobias

Utter Stupidities

1 cats and electricity dont mix

If there are big blobs of green stuff on you sandwich um then dont eat it

If you drop your little brother out of the top window of a eight and a half story bulding chances are he wont be to happy with you 23 years later when he gets out of the hospital

If a flock of seagulls is flying over your head dont look up and open your mouth!!!

If you just steped in somthing squishey and brown dont lick it off your shoe cause chances are it wasent chocolate!

that green stuff on the you arent supposed to eat it

If its brown and its in the toilet it is probably not a kit-kat bar!!!

If you listen to anything this site tells are dumber than this site

If you ever decide to go sky diving...remember your parachute!!!!

If you ever grow a tumor or abnormal mutation dont eat it

Real men cuddle their cats

Jared should get hit for writing #11!!!

Number 11 is true.....jordan should be hit for writing number 12

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Utter Stupidities
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