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Rules of Combat
Fears 'n' Phobias


Liberty, Humanity, Justice, Equality Susan Brownell Anthony (Mount Hope Cemetery; Rochester, New York)

The mortal remains of Ethan Allen, fighter, writer, statesman, and philosopher, lie in this cemetery beneath the marble statue. His spirit is in Vermont now. Ethan Allen (Greenmount Cemetery; Burlington, Vermont)

Wife-Mother-Actress-Author The world will remember. Eve Arden (Westwood Memorial Park; Westwood, California)

He thinketh no evil Henry Ward Beecher (Green-Wood Cemetery; Brooklyn, New York).

"That's All Folks!" The Man of a Thousand Voices Mel Blanc (Hollywood Memorial Park; Hollywood, California)

Truth and History. 21 Men. The Boy Bandit King -- He Died As He Lived. William H. Bonney "Billy the Kid" (Fort Sumner Cemetery; Fort Sumner New Mexico).

Sleep with a smile. Sammy Cahn (Westwood Memorial Park; Westwood, California)

My Jesus Mercy Alphonse Capone (Mt. Carmel Cemetery; Chicago, Illinois)

A star on earth - a star in heaven Karen Carpenter (Forest Lawn; Cyprus, California)

Sleep after toyle, port after stormie seas, Ease after warre, death after life, does greatly please. Joseph Conrad (St. Thomas Church; Canterbury, England)

His star will forever shine. Bert Convy (Forest Lawn; Hollywood Hills, California)

She did it the hard way. Bette Davis (Forest Lawn; Hollywood Hills, California)

At Rest An American Soldier And Defender of the Constitution Jefferson Davis (Hollywood Cemetery; Richmond, Virginia)

"The Entertainer" He did it all Sammy Davis, Jr. (Forest Lawn; Glendale, California)

A Gentle Man and a Gentleman Jack Dempsey (Southampton Cemetery; Southampton, New York)

Called Back Emily Dickinson (West Cemetery; Amherst, Massachusetts) {self written}

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