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One hot day in August, 1971, at Belmez in southern Spain an old Spanish woman Ethel Bronderick was working in her kitchen when her grand-dughter suddenly screamed. When Ethel turned around to see what the trouble was, she froze in horror. Staring at her from the pink floor tiles, was a FACE.She tried rubbing out the face with a piece of cloth but this only resulted in the face opening its eyes wider, as if in great pain and sorrow.

The landlord of the house was called to examine the floor. He ripped up the floor tiles and put down a new concrete floor. This seemed to solve the problem, but when , three weeks later, another face appeared on the new floor, the local authorities were alerted, and it was decided to dig up the entire kitchen.

Workmen had not been digging for long, when they discovered the source of the phantom face-- the kitchen floor had been covering the remains of a medieval monastery. It semms that the discovery of the ancient burial ground released even more spirits. Ghostly faces began all over the floor, even after more new tiles had been laid, and when the kitchen was eventually locked and sealed, the faces began appearing in other parts of the house.

A team of ghost- hunters installed sound equipment which picked up the unearthly moaning and groaning, but , before a proper investigation could be undertaken, the sounds and the faces stopped, just as suddenly and mysteriously as they had started.


In the 18th century, a Frenchman called Mark Bottineau claimed that he could see beyond the horizon by observing approaching ships had on the atmosphere. Bottineau calles his new science, NAUSCOPY. Between 1778 and 1782 he successfully predicted the arrival at the ILe de France (now Mauritius) of 575 ships as much as 4 days before they docked.

Bottineay predictions continued to be extremely accurate, and in 1784 he approached the French government, offering his services. The French ministers were suspicious and called Bottineau a crank. He died in 1789 and the science of NAUSCOPY died with him.


Jo Giradelli amazed everyone when she toured England in 1818. She could eat fire, lighted candles, molten metal and boiling oil. She could take nitric acid into her mouth, hold it there for a while and the spit it out which itself reacted violently to the strong acid. she could dip her fingers into boling sulphuric acid and even drink it. It was thought by scientists at that time that she had some miraculous immunity to heat. One of Sir Issac Newton's pupils has even mentioned Jo Giradelli in his writings.


On 3 May, 1812 John Williams of Cornwall, England dreamt that he visited the House of Commons in London where he saw a man shot to death by an assassin who was wearing a dark green with shiny brass buttons. When, in his dream, he asked the name of the dead man he told that it was Spencer Perceval, the then Prime Minister.The dream so upset Williams that the next day he told all his friends that he would travel to London to warn the Prime Minister, but his friends told him not to be silly.

On 11 May,Spencer Perceval was shot dead in the House of Commons. His assassin wore a green coat with shiny black buttons.


Ironmonger, Samuel Hemming, looked exactly like King George III. The two men were born on the same day, 4th June, 1738. But the coincidence did not end there.Both men were married on 8th September, 1761, the wives of both men had the same names, Margaret. Both had the same number of children of the same sex. On the day George III ascended the throne, Hemming Opened his Iron-mongery buiness. They both became ill on the same date 21th March, 1798 and died on the same day 28th March,1798.

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