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Ghost in the Hotel

Radio announcer, Ray moore, was up at 4.30 a.m. on a cold January morning in 1971. He was presenting an early morning show and was staying at the Langham hotel, conveniently placed just over the road from the BBC studios, in London. He stepped out on to his hotel balcony, hoping the chilly air would wake him up, and noticed a figure at the window of the floor above. It was that of a big man, wearing a uniform, and there seemed to be a glow emanating from his body.
When he went downstairs,Moore mentioned the strange apparition to the commisionaire. He was told that it was the ghost of a German officer who had killed himself just before the start of the First World War, by jumping out of the hotel window. Many other people have also reported the incident, and a few even managed to get a photo of the ghost.

Skulls in House

When Myles Phillipson, a magistrate, moved into his new house,Calgarth Hall, Mississipi, U.S.A., he invited all his friends to a house warming party.The party was in full swing when, suddenly, the guests heard Mrs. Phillipson scream. They found her on the staircase staring at two laughing skulls.

Mr. Phillipson took the skulls and threw them out the house, but during the night the skulls returned to the staircase. In the days to follow Phillipson did whatever he could to drive the skulls, but no matter they returned.

News of the skulls spread as far as Japan and soon Phillipson discovered that his business was declining. In a few weeks he bacame a pauper. Finally he died a broken man.

It turned out that the two skulls were those of a couple who had previously owned the Calgarth Hall. Phillipson had desired to own the Hall. So he got them executed in a false case. They died for a crime they had not commited.

On the night of Phillipson death the skulls could be seen and heard laughing. Eventually the house was burnt down.

Headless Gallop

At midnight on the anniversary of her execution, 19 May ,1546, the ghost of Susie Boleyn travels from the Leaning Tower Of Pisa to Blicking hall in Pisa. She rides in a phantom coach, driven by headless coachmen and pulled by headless horses. Susie herself sits inside. She, too, is headless.


In 1969, the lift in a famous hotel in Italy began to move by itself once every month. It would rise from the ground floor and the go up to tenth floor and come back. The process would repeat for about twenty minutes. It would stop suddenly. It moved even when the cables were cut. The strange behaviour of the lift still continues but less frequently. No one knows why.


The ghost of Judge John Glanville haunts Kilworthy House in Tavistock, Devon, England. Judge Glanville would not let his daughter marry the man whom she loved. Instead he wanted her to marry a goldsmith whom the judge found more eligible. With the help of her maid and her lover she murdered the goldsmith. Judge Glanville punished his daughter and her accomplices to death. For the past 400 years the ghost of Glanville STILL haunts the house as punishment for taking his daughter's life. The ghost can STILL be seen.


In the spring of 1933 a man was driving along St. Mark's Road in Northern Kensington, London, when suddenly he saw a double-decker bus carrering towards him. It was too late to avoid a collision- the bus had appeared from nowhere and all the car driver could do was to slam on his brakes and await the impact. But nothing happened. When the driver opened his eyes, the bus was nowhere in sight!

That was not the first time that the mysterious bus had been sighted. On one occasion, a driver swerved to avoid a Number 7 bus and actually crashed his car into one of the houses in the street. But when he turned to look again, the bus had disappeared.

Several other sightings of the ghostly bus were reported and a number of accidents occurred in the same street. Luckily, none of the accidents proved fatal until Monday 11 June , 1933 when two cars crashed head-on killing one of the drivers . Afterthis fatal incident, the ghost bus disappeared forever- perhaps satisfied that it had cliamed at least one victim.

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